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For too long organizations have wasted time and money on processes that get in the way of bringing new treatments to market. Despite new solutions that have come into play over the years, many gaps and inefficiencies still exist in the clinical research industry. For drug development to flourish, industry-wide inefficiencies need to be addressed through multiple-stakeholder solutions.

We believe that all stakeholders in the clinical trial sphere working together would not only present great opportunities for all, but should also be the new imperative for better clinical research. We’ve set out to create technologies that make great strides in improving operations and impact the overall industry performance. Are you ready to work together?

How Nimblify came to be

Nimblify was founded in August 2015 as a subsidiary of Forte Research Systems, Inc., drawing from more than 17 years of Forte’s experience as a clinical research software vendor. Nimblify was formed as an independent company to pursue new targeted technologies that will allow for multi-stakeholder interactions among research sites, sponsors, CROs and study participants.

Now, Nimblify is ready to impact the clinical research industry, two stakeholders at a time.

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