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The free, award-winning metrics tool by sites, for sites

Nimblify Site Benchmarks, formerly known as Research Resonance Network, is a free, award-winning tool for research sites to compare their performance to other sites. The tool provides unique dashboards that help identify trends and monitor changes over time to drive process improvements and turn insight into action.

As a result of years of collaborative efforts among the nation’s top research centers to develop data definitions and identify key metrics, a standardized set of site-driven metrics is used to provide a holistic view of performance.

Site Insights Dashboard

The Site Insights Dashboard enables sites to contribute operational metrics and compare their performance to an anonymous, aggregated group of peer organizations.

The dashboard immediately pinpoints areas where operations are strong and areas that may need attention. With a couple of clicks, users can:

  • View performance by sponsor type, IRB type, protocol type, CRO involvement and more
  • Set organizational goals and monitor progress toward them
  • And much more

Powerful metrics for powerful results

View your past performance metrics across the following key areas to gain valuable insights into clinical research operations:

Cycle Time

Discover inefficiencies in the study start-up process, such as contracts, budgets and IRB cycle times by measuring the time between milestones. Identify which activities slow down your site by clicking into a breakdown of different stages that make up the overall process.


Visualize your performance in terms of meeting enrollment targets and protocol compliance. View the average number of deviations per subject that have occurred and see how well your site has reported SAEs to sponsors and IRBs within the required timelines.


Measure the size of your research operation in terms of active protocols, new subjects enrolled, new protocols activated and more. See if volume has increased or decreased and view what’s coming down the pipeline to determine if you should take on additional trials.

Enrollment Progress Dashboard


For an easy way to monitor accruals and make timely decisions for proactive recruitment planning, use the Enrollment Progress Dashboard. This dashboard provides:

  • A clear picture of target enrollment achieved compared to the enrollment time remaining for protocols currently open to enrollment
  • A quick view of studies that need the most help reaching their goals that allows you to intervene with new recruitment efforts or close out the study early
  • A trajectory of each protocol with the actual number of patients enrolled, from the start to the planned completion date (or current month if past anticipated end date)

How Nimblify Site Benchmarks works

Request an account: Membership is free for all research sites that use OnCore® Enterprise Research System or Allegro® CTMS. Submit the form on the sign up page to request an account. 

Upload your data: Your OnCore or Allegro support representative will help you set up a seamless integration, which will automatically push operations data from your CTMS to Site Benchmarks to populate its dashboards. 

Compare your performance to other sites: Request to join community groups to see how your metrics compare to each community to which you belong. These include academic medical centers, cancer centers, community sites, health systems/hospitals, CTSAs, NCI cancer centers and more.

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With a rich history of collaboration and data-driven operational excellence, Site Benchmarks owes much of its success to the prior accomplishments of some of the nation’s top research centers. Initiatives around collecting and analyzing site-based operational performance metrics have been conducted since 2006. Here are some of the peer-reviewed articles, posters and accomplishments that have contributed to what Site Benchmarks is today.

Clinical Trial Metrics: Protocol Performance and Resource Utilization from 14 Cancer Centers  (ASCO poster, 2009)

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Protocol Performance and Resource Utilization of Phase II Investigator-Initiated Trials (ASCO poster, 2010)

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Site-Driven Metrics (Applied Clinical Trials, March 2012)

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A Case for Site-Centric Operational Metrics (The Monitor, August 2012)

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The Need for a Standards-Based Approach to Staff Workload Tracking: A Case Study  (Clinical Researcher, April 2014)

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Recognition for Innovation and Impact: Winner of the Clinical Research Informatics Award  (Clinical Informatics News, April 2014)

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Data Driven Application Examines Precision Medicine Clinical Trial Operations (AACI-CRI poster, 2015)

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