Uncover insights at a glance

Research Insights provides sophisticated, turnkey dashboards to help large research centers improve transparency and efficiency within their organizations. These easy-to-understand visualizations help identify trends, spot problem areas and ensure your organization is moving forward with the most accurate information available.

Valuable, diverse dashboards out of the box

Seamless integration with OnCore and/or Forte Research Evaluation System ensures the platform is analyzing current, comprehensive and meaningful data. The system provides a holistic view of your organization.

Always-evolving platform informed by the community

Developed in close collaboration with experienced clinical research organizations, new dashboards are constantly being developed for the system according to identified priorities of our collaborators. We encourage collaboration from all users within the Research Insights community.

Answers to your critical clinical research questions

Research Insights can provide insight into a multitude of teams and roles at all levels of your organization. Dashboards displaying past performance, in-depth understanding of current state of affairs and projections of future outcomes are quickly iterated and released to our customers. Below are just a few questions you can answer using the Research Insights dashboards:

  • Which studies are “problem protocols” and are failing to achieve enrollment targets?
  • Which studies are currently in the process of study start-up and how are they progressing towards activation?
  • Am I getting a representative sampling of my catchment area, by location, gender, race and ethnic status?
  • How much staff time (effort) is going into activating a new study?
  • How has accrual within a specific management group performed over time?

Organizations can use this information in conversations with leadership, funders and staff to assess their portfolio and resources, determine needs and strategically plan next steps.

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