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Gain breakthrough efficiencies with technology-enabled services

The Nimblify Marketplace provides high quality solutions for business operations to help sites become more effective. Each service-based offering within the Marketplace leverages and builds on existing site technologies, and has been collaboratively-developed by the sites that use them.

The Nimblify Marketplace achieves economies of scale through reuse, so multiple organizations benefit – not just one. Creating something once for all to use, rather than having everyone do it, establishes breakthrough efficiencies. This standards-based approach is used to ensure timeliness, affordability and predictable quality.


Save time

Sites can seamlessly get their studies up and running – with a quicker turnaround than when completing the activities internally – to expedite study activation and work smarter, not harder.

Reassign resources

By relieving administrative burden, site staff can focus on research and patient care. This also eliminates the need to hire dedicated FTEs, while providing the solutions at a lower cost.

Ensure quality

As experts in our technology, you’re not just outsourcing services to a vendor; you’re getting the best quality possible. Our exclusive team delivers top value through standardized processes.


Solutions offered within the Nimblify Marketplace:

Pre-built calendars for site CTMS

Improve protocol compliance and quality by downloading centrally built protocol calendars into your CTMS

Protocol Calendars

Standardized forms for Forte EDC

Reduce the resources needed at your research institution by utilizing centralized form building services