Participant Payments

No setup fees. No required pre-funded accounts
for sites with monthly payment volumes under $10,000.

Nimblify’s automated payment system makes it hassle-free for clinical research sites, sponsors and CROs to securely pay participant stipends and reimbursements by reducing administrative burden and lowering operational costs.

It not only improves the payment experience for participants, but organizations as well, with straightforward pricing to eliminate billing frustrations and boost cash flow.

Built to simplify the payment workflow

Study coordinators

Study Coordinators

  • Pay study participants in three clicks with automated stipends (regardless of which payment method the participant chooses)
  • Make requests for travel reimbursements to accounting with ease
  • Help participants by setting expectations and making them feel appreciated


Financial Managers

  • Use the review queue to approve, modify or reject payment amounts that aren’t pre-approved
  • Track payments and meet financial and tax reporting needs
  • No longer need to process checks (even if the participant chooses checks)



  • Choose preferred compensation method (debit card, direct deposit or check)
  • Leave the visit with stipend payment “in hand”
  • View funds and set notification preferences (e.g., when payments are made) through a web portal or mobile app

Pay clinical trial participants their way, immediately.

Nimblify Participant Payments reloadable debit card clinical trial

Nimblify’s payment solution helps clinical research sites, sponsors and CROs be patient-centric while decreasing their workloads. It allows clinical research personnel to release funds immediately after each visit occurs via the subject’s choice of reloadable debit card, direct deposit or check. The entire process improves operational efficiency while empowering the participant to be a decision-maker.

See what our customers are saying:

“Previously, patients would wait weeks to receive payment via check. Now they walk away with their stipend in hand. After evaluating several systems, we chose Nimblify due to the flexibility to make payments by card, check or direct deposit. It is incredibly easy to use; only a brief training was necessary for our coordinators to jump right in and start using the system.

We have made significant improvements in both the staff effort required to make payments and the satisfaction of our research participants. In fact, multiple participants have told us how much better they like the new way they receive their stipends. Our staff have also been extremely happy with the system, as it has drastically decreased the burden on them. They no longer have patients reporting that they did not receive their stipend, which is a huge burden lifted off their shoulders. As a manager, it’s rare to actually be able to decrease the workload of my coordinators, but the Nimblify system has allowed us to do that.”

– Stacey Banks, Research Manager, Inova Dwight and Martha Schar Cancer Institute

“We’ve heard great feedback from our participants. Direct deposit is a favorite of many patients, but we’re glad we can cater to different preferences. We decided to go with Nimblify because of the dedicated customer service they provide and the expected overall savings compared with the previous debit card system.”
Read the full case study.

– Ron Knight, Research Operations Director, Mills Clinical Research

“Both the clinical team – specifically the research nurses who have face-to-face contact and relationships with the research patients – and the finance team who negotiate, track, review and approve patient payments have been truly enthusiastic about the system. It’s automated, easy to use, easy to track for compliance purposes and most importantly allows patients to receive payments in a much quicker manner, which they can even track.”  
Read the full case study.

– Kerry Bridges, Administrator, Clinical Trials Office, Indiana University Simon Cancer Center


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