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The Protocol Calendar Exchange is a robust library of standardized schedule of events in a format sites can use for trial and visit planning, faster activation and increased compliance. The pre-built, pre-reviewed protocol calendars are available for sites to download into their clinical trial management system (CTMS). The platform offers a mechanism for Nimblify and sponsors to centrally build and/or review and approve structured representations of a protocol’s time and events schedule for all sites participating on the trial.

Why use the Protocol Calendar Exchange?

  • There are 3,523 unique calendars that are already built and being used by research sites.
  • If your protocol has not yet been built in the Calendar Exchange, the turnaround time is still much faster than interpreting and building a calendar internally. In fact, we have a 100% satisfaction rate with our customers on turnaround time, and 100% of our customers would recommend the Calendar Exchange to other organizations in the industry.
  • This standards-based approach speeds up activation timelines, reduces the need for each site to interpret and replicate the protocol calendar from scratch, minimizes deviations, provides the ability to better forecast out visits, and ensures each patient gets his or her planned care and procedures across sites.

Search from 3,523 unique calendars we’ve built to date

For Sites:

How do sites get started with the Protocol Calendar Exchange?

  1. Fill out this form to get started.
  2. Get your pre-integrated CTMS (OnCore or Allegro) connected to the Calendar Exchange.
  3. Send Nimblify your protocol.
  4. If the protocol calendar is already built, Nimblify will make it available for download. If not, Nimblify builds it within three to seven business days.
  5. Receive the calendar build notes from Nimblify and access the calendar in your CTMS or receive the spreadsheet representation of the protocol calendar via email.

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For Sponsors:

How do sponsors get started with the Protocol Calendar Exchange?

  1. Contact Nimblify to request calendar build(s) and to sign the MOU for sponsors.
  2. Share your protocol document with Nimblify.
  3. Nimblify builds your protocol according to standard protocol calendar guidelines in a central environment.
  4. Review your protocol calendar and provide feedback.
  5. Nimblify releases the calendar to your sites.

Contact Nimblify to get started

See what our customers are saying:

“We worked with the Calendar Team for a period of nine months to build out over 600 study calendars. Providing clear guidelines for how details from protocol documents would be extracted, interpreted and applied toward the creation of calendars allowed us to enjoy extremely fast turnaround times. As such, local study teams’ review cycles were expedited which ultimately led to shortened activation timelines. Working with the Calendar Team always felt like a collaborative effort and never like a vendor just providing services.”
– Dave Mulvihill, IT Project Manager, Washington University School of Medicine

“The Calendar Team is very good at picking up visits in complicated cancer studies where visits are not in one straight flow.”
– Magdalene Lindenbaum, Project Manager, Clinical Trials Administration Office, UCLA 

“We absolutely appreciate the turnaround time and quality of builds. The Calendar Team’s quick suggestions on Treatment Arm Setup is very helpful.”
– Paul Park, Manager, Clinical Research Systems, Thomas Jefferson University

“I would recommend this service as it was an efficient and beneficial way to have calendars made for the OnCore system. The turnaround time is minimal and calendars are essential for patient data and financials to be entered into the system.”
– Martin Braun, Budget Specialist, UVA Cancer Center

“Using the Protocol Calendar Exchange has been money well spent. The Build Team has been very responsive, efficient and extremely helpful. The turnaround times are great and often sooner than expected. We also really enjoy build documents –they are carefully drafted, outlining each element on the calendar with the reasoning behind it.”
– Michelle Medeiros, Clinical Research Manager, University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center

 “The build summary (notes) have been very helpful. The overall quality has been very good.”
– Seth Luty, Clinical Research Analyst II, Yale University

Download the solution brief to learn more:


Which CTMSs are currently integrated?

For a direct calendar download into a CTMS, OnCore and Allegro from Forte Research Systems are currently available. If you use a different system, please encourage your CTMS vendor to contact us if they’re interested in interfacing.

If I don’t use a CTMS listed above, what do you provide as an alternative?

In addition to a direct download into a CTMS, we can build out a protocol calendar in a spreadsheet for something much more structured than a protocol document. This spreadsheet download option, which consists of a detailed and standardized schedule of events for the protocol is sent via email.

How can sponsors use the Protocol Calendar Exchange for their protocols?

Nimblify works with sponsors to build and review the sponsor’s protocols so they are pre-approved for sites to centrally download in a standardized format. This approach speeds up activation timelines, reduces the need for each site to build a protocol calendar from scratch and minimizes deviations. To learn more, sponsors can fill out this form to contact Nimblify.

Who has access to calendar information?

As part of the calendar build process, you will share protocol documents with the Nimblify Calendar Build team. We take precautions to ensure confidentiality of any information shared with Nimblify. Your documents are not shared beyond the Nimblify team involved in your calendar build. Calendar builds are available only to sites that are participating in the protocol. In the instance that the calendar you are requesting has already been built, we still require that you provide us a copy of the protocol documents to demonstrate that you have authorized access to the protocol details.

What types of calendars can I order?

There are no restrictions on the types of calendars that you can request. This includes all disciplines supported by OnCore and Allegro, such as oncology, cardiology, and psychiatry. Nimblify will build each calendar according to a set of guidelines. Once a calendar is imported, you can make organization-specific changes.

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