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Solutions for Research Sites

Increase operational efficiencies for better clinical research

From large academic medical centers and hospitals to small clinics, Nimblify has solutions for sites of all sizes.

Efficiently manage stipend payments and reimbursements

Compensating research subjects can be time-consuming and expensive, and delays in paying participants can lead to retention issues. Nimblify’s automated payment system helps sites securely and immediately pay participants after each visit.

Discover a better way to pay.

Participant Payments

Learn how your performance stacks up against peers

Without receiving consistent feedback from sponsors and CROs, many sites aren’t sure how they are performing. Nimblify’s free benchmarking tool allows sites to view their past performance metrics and compare performance to peer sites.

Take control of your performance.

Site Benchmarks

Gain actionable, strategic insights to improve operations

Research centers often lack the right information needed to make timely decisions about their program and portfolio. Nimblify’s business intelligence solution helps immediately identify strengths and weaknesses, where to focus resources, which trials are at risk, and answers other strategic questions.

Uncover insights at a glance.

Research Insights


Ensure quality and compliance with pre-built calendars

Having each site build a protocol calendar from scratch in their CTMS prolongs activation. Downloading calendars from the Nimblify Marketplace saves sites time, while also conforming to standards that prevent misinterpretation, deviations and noncompliance.

Import accurate calendars built by experts.

Protocol Calendars

Simplify electronic case report form (eCRF) creation with standardized forms

The creation and design of eCRFs, or even a standard library of eCRF templates in an EDC system, is a multi-faceted process. The eCRF service offered in the Nimblify Marketplace helps ensure your forms collect the right data to answer study questions.

Enter data into high quality forms.