Solutions for Research Sites

Increase operational efficiencies for better clinical research

From large academic medical centers and hospitals to small clinics, Nimblify has solutions for sites of all sizes.

An efficient way to pay and reimburse subjects

Compensating research subjects can be time-consuming and expensive. Between the back and forth of gathering requests for each visit across protocols and sites, and the time it takes to review and process payments, it can take one to two months before a patient receives their money. Such delays and confusion about expectations can lead to retention issues.

Participant Payments

Benchmarks for sites to compare their performance to peers

Without receiving consistent feedback from sponsors and CROs after a trial, many sites aren’t sure how they are performing in comparison to their peers. A lack of self-awareness and past performance metrics prevent sites from accurately completing feasibility questionnaires with real data to get selected for study opportunities that are a good fit.

Site Benchmarks

Actionable, strategic insights to improve operations

Research centers need to the assess strengths and weaknesses of their program and portfolio, yet many lack the information needed to make decisions and the time to make sense of raw data. Without a robust team or infrastructure that links data sources, they are unable to identify where to focus resources, which trials are at risk and need attention, and answers to strategic questions.

Research Insights


Pre-built protocol calendars for improved compliance and quality

Each site has to build a protocol calendar from scratch in their CTMS by interpreting unstructured representations of the schedule of events and procedures throughout the document. This can take 8-20 hours per site per protocol during activation. With each site making judgment calls independently, misinterpretation, deviations and noncompliance occur.

Protocol Calendars

Electronic case report form creation made simple

The creation and design of electronic case report forms (eCRFs) or even a standard library of eCRF templates in an EDC system is a multi-faceted process that requires thorough coordination and communication. The eCRF must collect the right data to answer the study questions, so there are no missing critical data elements that cause downstream repercussions.